MasterClass Madness:
The Rules

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Week 5 Theme

Remember, you do not have to have entered previous weeks to be eligible to enter the current week!

The Week 5 theme is all about showing your heart to the world. Choose someone special, and create a performance dedicated just to them. You can sing, act, dance, whatever, but make sure that you tell us who you're dedicating your performance to and what they mean to you.

Remember, the video MUST be something that you created THIS WEEK. (It can't be a previously recorded performance.) And like previous weeks, be sure to keep it FAMILY FRIENDLY (no curse words or adult-themed content). The excerpt should be at least 45 seconds long and at most 2 minutes in length. Anything shorter or longer will be disqualified.

For performances, you may choose to wear a costume if you wish, but make sure that the focus is on you as the performer.

How to Enter

Students, before you post, make sure that you have your parents' permission.

As in Week 4, there will be NO ENTRY FEE! That’s right! There’s absolutely no fee to enter!

To enter, follow the steps below:

Note that the images are from a Week 4 entry. Be sure to read the description for the Week 5 information.
  1. Film your video, making sure that you introduce yourself by first name, contest category (Elementary, Middle School, High School, or Adult), and information about the piece you’re performing, making sure that you give credit to the person or persons who wrote the piece.
  2. Open Facebook. (You cannot enter through Instagram or Twitter this week.)
  3. Create a new Facebook Post, and choose “Support Nonprofit.”
  4. On the “Support Nonprofit” screen, search for “Strauss Youth Academy for the Arts” and choose that as your nonprofit organization.
  5. Make sure that your post is set to “Public,” and not just “Friends only.”
  6. Attach your video to the post.
  7. Write an introduction to your video. Make sure you tell (and even tag) who you're dedicating your performance to and why you chose them.
  8. Make sure that you use the hashtags #SYAAMasterClassMadnessWeek5 and #ShowYourHeart.
  9. Make sure that you tag Strauss Youth Academy for the Arts.
  10. Post your entry.

When you see us share your post on our Facebook page, you’ll know we’ve received it. If we haven’t shared your post within 24 hours, please go to our Facebook page and send us a message with a link to your post.

All entries that raise at least $25 in donations will be entered into the judging for the Amazon gift cards. All entries that raise at least $50 in donations will receive critiques from three theatre and television professionals. AND any post that raises $150 or more will be entitled to a free SYAA tee shirt (once the shelter-in-place order has been lifted) and two complementary tickets to any one of our 2020-2021 CenterStage Productions.

Deadline to enter is midnight CST on Thursday, April 30, and the winner will be announced as soon as we can collect all of the judging data from our amazing adjudicators.

You may enter this week's contest multiple times as long as you have a Facebook Donate button on each entry.

If you have any questions, please send us a private message on the platform of your choice. We are so excited to see what you come up with, and we can't wait for you to entertain us with your social media talents.

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